How has this ministry impacted your life?

“It has helped me to develop my confidence by growing in areas of leadership and public speaking. As well as helping to bring even more healing, acceptance, identity and celebration of who I am as a Kenyan born, adopted Canadian. I can now take my freedom and share it with others in hopes that they will also be able to know who they are in Christ and live fully for his purposes.”

⁃ Caleb, Kenya

“Joining this ministry has fulfilled my life purpose by combining three of my passions - dance, fitness and faith. I am not Polynesian but have seen God use my obedience and hearts desire to further his kingdom and impact the nations of the earth through the arts and different expressions of worship and outreach. The impact has not only been seen internationally but has also flowed into my family and positively influenced their lives. Joining this ministry has definitely changed my life for the better!

⁃ Karlynn, USA

How has Island Breeze been effective? 

When we go to different places, we do not bring a new thing. We believe God has placed eternity in the hearts of every individual, therefore when we share our songs, dances and personal testimonies of how the Gospel of Jesus has transformed us as individuals, others are naturally drawn to the truth. The way we share the gospel, predominantly but not limited to performing arts, has opened numerous opportunities for us as a ministry where otherwise we would not have been welcomed as a ‘Christian group’. Our desire is to reach the least, the lost and the forgotten with the salvation message of Jesus Christ.


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