Join Us

Why missions through performing arts?

We use the Polynesian performing arts to display the unique expression that God has placed in the Polynesian islands. We believe that through our expression, it brings freedom and a platform to celebrate the diversity of God in the nations.

Can white people join or is it only polys?

There is no preference to race, all it takes is a willing and teachable heart.

Why should I join?

The Gospel is shared through a new lens, without changing the word of God. It introduces a person to new cultures and expressions of worship, that naturally form a greater depth to one’s life.

Is it only for dancers/singers?

No! There is so much more to Island Breeze than people on stage. We not only perform on stage but run discipleship courses, seminars, camps and workshops around the globe.

Other areas of need:
Media – Photography/Videographey
Graphics designer
Web developer
Sound/Light technician
Seamstress/costume designer
Homeschool tutor
Schedule Coordinator